1. Sleep naked. If it’s warm outside, open the windows and draw the curtains. You’ll wake up with beams of sunrise on your skin, under cool sheets.

2. Play soccer barefoot. You will feel more free and happy while you savor the moment. Everyone is more arrogant in shoes.

3. Dance to your favorite music.

4. Wear a flower in your hair—or a flower tiara.

5. Do naked yoga.

6. Dance in the rain without fear of getting your feet, hair, clothes or anything else wet.

7. Make yourself a really healthy but yummy dessert, like plain yogurt with fruit, honey and almonds.

7 Home Remedies to Feel Better About Your Body (via goddess-river)

Can boys do this thing? Hahahaha

I really wanted to start walking but my knee is with pain i dont know the cause, maybe my uric acid increases again… Hope i could do it again so i can join Fun Runs in 5k to 10k category.. I miss the fun of running…